cassiescart here! commissions for wishlists and websites are now open ♡ for more information, read the following information seen below.

wishlist commission


✧ open for all fandoms
✧ you may send a theme or inspo and i will try my best to match them
✧ you may choose the size you would want (16:9 and 8:9)
✧ there is no maximum number of photocards per page; however, i would put a preferred number for the maximum in one page
✧ kindly wait for 3-5 working days for your commission to be finished
✧ please be patient when waiting for yours to be finished
✧ please continue reading this side for more information and if you have any questions, you can send me a DM on @cassiescart
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1. decide if you will provide the photocard scans or not
✧ you can check the price breakdown found below for more information

➪ if you chose to find the photocard scans yourself, upload them in a google drive folder
✧ make sure that i can access the folder and download the files as well

➪ if you’re going to ask me to look for the photocard scans, kindly send message the group/member you want so i can send a photocard template
✧ send a DM so that I can send you a photocard template of the group/member you want
✧ this is where you will be marking the photocards you want so that i can have a guide

2. choose the size you want
✧ there are no maximum number of photocards per page
✧ however, the number of photocards you see in my example is the preferred maximum quantity per page
a) 16:9

b) 8:9

3. send a DM to @cassiescart
✧ when messaging, please make sure to include the following details in this format:
➪ if you decided to look for your own photocard templates: send the google drive link and make sure i can access it
➪ if you decided for me to look for the scans: send the photocard template i sent you before hand and make sure the photocards you want to include in your wishlist are marked
➪ size of your wishlist
➪ other necessary details you want to include in your wishlist (budget, condition, etc.)

4. expect your site to be ready after 3-5 working days
✧ i will upload the file in a google drive folder
✧ i will be sending the link to your twitter account once it's done
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1. wishlist commission
✧ price starts at 50 pesos
✧ if the design is simple, you would only have to pay for 50 pesos: however, if the design is more complex, additional fees may apply

2. photocard scans
✧ if you wish for me to find for the photocard scans, there would be additional fees depending on the quantity
✧ please take note that if i am not familiar with the group or photocard, i may ask for your help to confirm if i found the right ones
up to 10 photocard scans: no additional fee
11 to 20 photocard scans: additional 10 pesos
for a higher number of photocard scans: you can send a DM on @cassiescart to inquire

3. additional page/s
✧ the price stated above which starts at 50 pesos is only for one page
✧ if you wish to have more than one, there would be an additional fee of 5 pesos per page
✧ please take note that the price stated is only if you're going to use the same design and if not, the price would be different

4. revisions
✧ i will only allow up to 3 revisions
✧ afterwards, there would be an additional fee of 5 pesos per revision
✧ in case you want to change multiple things, that's okay
✧ a revision would only count if i send you the finished product and you want me to change something afterwards
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website commission: coming soon ♡︎